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In addition to the seven-day limited, Walmart said it will limit doses to a maximum of the equivalent of 50 milligrams of morphine per day. The company urges lawmakers to establish a seven-day supply limit for initial prescriptions issued for acute pain and to require all controlled substance prescriptions be issued electronically, in partnership with the Drug Enforcement Administration.

The company also stated that as of January 1, 2020, Walmart and Sam's Club will require e-prescriptions for controlled substances. In states where the law for fills is less than seven days, Walmart and Sam's Club will abide by this lower limit.

"We are taking action in the fight against the nation's opioid epidemic", MarybethHays, executive vice president of Health & Wellness and Consumables for Walmart U.S. said in a statement.

The restrictions apply to all Walmart pharmacies and its Sam's Club unit in the US and Puerto Rico. This policy is in accordance with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's guidelines for opioid use. In an effort to continue to be a part of the solution, Walmart is introducing new programs, tools and policies that will be aimed at addressing the critical issues faced by the patients & communities. As a result, Walmart will implement new opioid training for its expansive roster of pharmacists. Pharmacists are urged to provide naloxone recommendations for patients who may be at risk for overdose, according to CDC guidelines.

Generally speaking, limiting access to opioid prescriptions may in fact decrease the risk of addiction and abuse.

The CDC stated 115 Americans died every day from opioid overdoses in 2016, totaling more than 42,000 drug overdose deaths.

Florida's law, which was passed this year as part of a larger bill, puts a three-day limit on opioids prescribed for patients with acute pain.

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