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Tim Hortons on Monday. While her trousers are still down, the woman flings the poop toward the cashier, then bare bottomed, grabs some napkins, wipes herself and pitches the soiled paper toward the register.

A woman could face criminal charges after throwing her own feces at staff inside a Langley, B.C. Staff appear to be trying to calm the customer down while she paces infront of the cash register, shouting and gesturing towards workers.

On Wednesday disturbing surveillance video showing Tim Hortons staff being harassed was posted on Liveleak and YouTube.

These valiant attempts at de-escalation failed, however, as the woman proceeds to squat against a wall and relieve herself.

Holly Largy confirmed that officials were called regarding the incident and the woman was arrested and and released.

According to Langley RCMP, she was briefly detained following the incident and served documentation to appear in court at a later date.

A spokesperson for Tim Horton's told BuzzFeed that some of its restaurants have a "restricted access policy for restrooms to ensure the well-being of our guests". Largy said the police had dealt with the woman before.