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Apple Inc. said it will combine the different software systems underpinning iPhone and Mac apps, creating a larger, more-attractive ecosystem for millions of developers. Transmit and BB Edit are notable because they used to be in the Mac App Store. Microsoft even runs an Insider program for Mac users to test new capabilities before they roll out to everyone else.

Given the sheer prominence of iOS apps in comparison to those on macOS, this cross-platform porting should give the Mac App Store a much needed boost.

Speaking to the crowded halls of the San Jose Convention Centre, Apple confirmed a series of new features and also outright denied it was planning to combine macOS with iOS-following persistent rumors.

For more from WWDC 2018, follow along with all of the coverage from our colleagues at iMore. Apple will also introduce features to reduce the ability for websites to track you via your digital "fingerprint". A tool called Stacks groups files of the same type into stacks on the desktop.

Dark Mode provides dark-themed interfaces in macOS windows and apps like Apple Music.

Home app coming to Mac.

Apple said Safari will now ask users by default if they want a site to send them cookies, and macOS will make it more hard for data companies to create an online fingerprint of a user's machine.

There will a couple of new Animoji avatars that iPhone X users will be able to choose from (including a ghost, koala, tiger and Tyrannosaurus) with iOS 12; more importantly, Apple announced Memojis, which are customizable Animojis that you can make actually look like yourself. ARKit 2 also allows for multiple users to share the same AR experience, giving a demo example of two people playing AR Lego. Apple also spotlighted the arrival of Adobe and several gaming apps.

Like iOS, FaceTime is gaining group functionality. New characters have also been added - Ghost, Koala, Tiger, T.Rex.

Speaking of new look, macOS Mojave also adds Dynamic Desktop.

Apple has debuted a new Mac App Store alongside the unveiling of macOS Mojave 10.14.

Animoji gets some updates too where you can now stick out our tongue and see your Animoji do the same.

As part of Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference 2018 keynote presentation this week, the company announced a redesign for the App Store in the upcoming macOS Mojave operating system out later this year.

Safari will also gain new defenses against tracking.

iOS 12 is also bringing some improved parental controls with an app called Allowances that allows you to limit the time spent by children on apps.