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At its annual developers conference in San Jose, Apple said that iOS 12 could carry out simple tasks, such as opening apps, up to twice as fast as its predecessor, iOS 11.

iOS 12 will have a new bag of tricks for both Siri and AR applications.

The show kicks off at 1PM EST (10AM PT) today, and Apple is making it relatively easy for everyone to follow along. In times of high load, these CPU tweaks should mean that apps last twice as fast.

Shared Experiences: ARKit 2 brings multi-user ARKit experiences, so you can play a game together, or play around with AR objects in the real world together, at the same time.

Along with the announcement of the new and improved ARKit 2, Apple introduced a new file format for AR scenes called usdz, which is based on the Universal Scene Description file format. This update isn't slowing down your iPhone, should Apple's framing prove accurate.

Now Apple users will be able to make personalized animojis - even ones that stick out their tongues thanks to the new "tongue detection" technology. New camera effects bring Animoji, Filters, Text and Stickers to Messages and FaceTime. You can join any already ongoing group facetime chat anytime. Siri Shortcuts Siri Shortcuts deliver a new, much faster way to get things done with the ability for any app to work with Siri.

Just don't go installing beta software on a device that you need to be able to use on a daily basis as it can be pretty buggy at times.

A new Shortcuts function allows device owners to assign their own phrases to different commands.

Search will also add a "For You" upgrade, which shows photos from a user's important moments. The photo albums interface will offer new sharing suggestions and tools for searching back through a large album.

Do Not Disturb can now also be used for a set time period.

iOS 12 will come out later this year, it'll be supported on every single device that runs iOS 11 right now.

But, more importantly, grouped notifications are happening. Instead of waking up to a string of notifications missed over night, users will get a new "Good morning" screen summarizing the alerts. It'll tell you how often you pick up your phone, which apps send you the most notifications and so on.

To date, Apple has responded by highlighting its existing parental controls, which some analysts say are insufficient because they don't allow parents to fully monitor their children's device use.

But performance enhancements and system optimizations are obviously just a small piece of the iOS 12 puzzle, which also includes a lot of AR improvements.

"We've all seen these like buttons and share buttons". Users can also create their own emoji using a new feature known as Memoji, designing emoji to look how they want.

Image depicting new shortcuts for Siri on Apple devices. The buzz is that macOS could also get Hey Siri support.