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Spain's new Socialist Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez will not include ministers in his cabinet from far-left party Podemos, which helped him oust conservative Mariano Rajoy, a top Socialist party official said Monday.

The new Catalan cabinet was sworn in after months of tensions with the central government, ending Madrid's seven-month direct rule of the region, imposed by Sanchez's predecessor after separatists declared independence.

"Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, let's talk, let's address this issue, let's take risks, you and us", Torra stated just after Sanchez was inaugurated.

Sanchez, 46, a Socialist, has said he wants talks on Catalonia but opposes any independence referendum.

Catalonia has a new government, and very soon, so will Spain.

A court in northern Germany had allowed Puigdemont, Catalonia's former regional president, to leave jail on bail shortly after he was detained March 25 at Spain's request.

His failure to resolve the political crisis caused by the standoff contributed to dissatisfaction with him, though the no-confidence vote - backed by Catalan pro-independence parties - was triggered primarily by a long-running corruption trial involving members of his centre-right party.

The Spanish Common Social gathering on Sunday warned that it might use all of its political weight to forestall the brand new authorities making concessions to Catalan separatists, accusing Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez of agreeing "shady pacts" to safe its ejection from energy.

That takeover came to an end on Saturday after Torra formed his government, as stipulated by the Senate when it granted the central government the extraordinary powers to intervene in the running of the region.

The election result was a severe blow to the Spanish government.

The Parliament voted 180-169 Friday to replace Rajoy's government with one led by Sanchez.

Catalan President Quim Torra, center, poses with the members of the new government after the swearing in ceremony celebrated at the Palau Generalitat in Barcelona, Saturday, June 2, 2018.