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Docho Eshete was conducting a ceremony for 80 people when the reptile leapt up at him from the water on Sunday, according to African media.

The service was being held at Lake Abaya in Arba Minch, Ethiopia.

A pastor has died after a crocodile mauled him as he baptised believers in a lake in Ethiopia.

A pastor performing a mass lakeside baptism was attacked and killed by a crocodile in Ethiopia.

Despite the best efforts of parishioners and bystanders, the pastor was bitten on his legs, back and arms and could not be saved.

Even after their continuous attempts, fishermen and locals failed to salvage pastor Docho, police said.

The incident came a month after a crocodile in Zimbabwe ripped off the arm of local resident Zanele Ndlovu, 25, five days before she was due to marriy her British fiancé, Jamie Fox, 27.

It is likely that the crocodile that killed Docho was a Nile crocodile, the Independent reported.

A baptism in Ethiopia took a awful turn when a crocodile jumped out of a lake and grabbed a pastor who was conducting a mass baptism.

Those at the ceremony prevented the pastor's body being taken by the crocodile who escaped.

Experts believe they carry out more than 300 attacks on humans in Africa every year.