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On that basis, who's to say the next-generation Tesla Roadster won't have a SpaceX option package with 10 rocket thrusters, as Musk claimed Saturday?

Musk's Boring Company sold 20,000 of the flamethrowers to the public.

While customs agencies have yet to release a further comment on the changes, the Boring Company's not-so-subtly titled Not a Flamethrower should be able to make its way into the hands of the remaining 19,000 with Musk planning to ship the devices on time - relatively.

Alarmed, Santiago decided that he would try to introduce a bill to slow down the sale of The Boring Company's flamethrowers.

Musk tweeted what he claimed was the terms and conditions for the machines, some of which were presented in the style of the USA children's author Dr. Seuss.

With 20,000 flamethrowers now in circulation, expect more flame-throwing displays on social media.

"In a ideal world, I don't see any reason why anybody needs something like this out of a legitimate commercial use".

It continued: "I will not use this in a house, I will not point this at my spouse, I will not use this in an unsafe way, The best use is créme brulee".

Some customers are already trying to turn a profit on the device.

As the flamethrower becomes more popular with rising market prices on eBay, others are concerned about the safety hazards of the fire emitters.

As of April the company said it had raised over $112m in equity, 90% of which came from Musk himself. The Boring Co.is based in Southern California, a region ravaged by wildfires.

Musks' official Twitter account and the account for the Boring Company together tweeted a total of 16 photos from the event, mostly of their customers testing out the new product. "I bought something completely awesome and frivolous, so I'm going to also donate $1000 to the California Wildfire Relief Fund", he said on Twitter.