KXIP vs KKR Live Score

Right now, the game does not really have a rideable vehicle but that will change soon as the news feed in the game revealed that a new Shopping Cart will be added to the game. Shopping carts are undoubtedly the highlight though, ad they can be found "scattered across the world in various locations".

Anyone can find one and push it around, but if you're playing teams or duos, you can have a partner jump in the cart (or the "passenger seat", as Epic Games refers to it in the patch notes). Fortnite will go in the completely opposite direction with shopping carts being the first of many vehicles that will be introduced to the game. The Battle Royale map isn't exactly massive and the game's pace is decent for looting and moving without feeling rushed, so cars and ATVs would likely hurt the flow of the match.

For those who do get round to completing all the Fortnite Challenges this week, you should check out the actual wooden crab in Moisty Mire. This means you can lay down some suppressing fire on other players as your teammate pushes the pair of you away to safety.

Via Epic Games, Wedbush Securities Analyst Michael Pachter discovered that the Fortnite developer accumulated $50 million in sales in just one day. It's a bit faster than running, sure, but you can't take out your opponents with a collision and only one "seat" allows you to fire a weapon.

The two titles have had somewhat of a tumultuous relationship as they fight over an explosive battle royale audience; while our knowledge of the lawsuit is limited at this point, there's a lot to consider in weighing out the results of a potential case.

However, with this suit limited to Korea now and coming soon after Fortnite launched in the country, we'll just have to see how things pan out and whether suits are filed elsewhere in the world.

And diversity is important in these kinds of games.

Check out some of the early shopping cart action in the videos below.