KXIP vs KKR Live Score

The Fortnite missile launch time has been revealed by an in-game message that pops up when the game is first launched.

We'll update you with any additional information on Monday, July 2.

Representatives from the company described the unexpected mishap on Twitter and Reddit Thursday, saying, "So many of you rushed in to create and play that our matchmaking service fell over".

The Final Fight game mode forced teams to travel to a third and final circle, where the storm was halted and a countdown clock began.

The 50v50 LTM that's replacing Final Fight will have some new guidelines compared to previous 50v50 game modes.

"An update will come closer to 10am Eastern Time today, June 29th".

Matchmaking issues and queue times lead to the decision to remove the Playground LTM from the game while developers worked on the various issues.

On Friday, Epic posted a tweet saying the mode was still being tested, and that they would be releasing it "as soon as possible". You gather resources 10x faster than normal, and there are more llamas and chests to loot. While the usual servers were back up and running within a few hours, Playground mode has yet to be restored.

"Playground LTM launch was VERY popular and the poor matchmaker was trying to create and allocate matches faster than it could keep up with, so a backlog built up".

"You may have seen the timer update in-game, which means we are giving you two more days to complete Season 4!" Unfortunately, Final Fight has attracted significant criticism in both of its variants: Teams of 20 and Teams of 12, the latter of which just went live on Wednesday.