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President Donald Trump said he will likely back a bipartisan measure on marijuana.

The Colorado Republican and Warren noted that the "Strengthening the Tenth Amendment Through Entrusting States", or STATES Act, comes in response to Attorney General Jeff Sessions' January decision to rescind the memo that directed US attorneys to not prosecute marijuana crimes in states where the drug had been legalized.

"My legislation is in line with what President Trump said on the campaign and what he and I have discussed several times since he was elected", Gardner said in a statement Friday.

Gardner said the bill had about four or six co-sponsors on the Senate side but admitted that there was a "significant education push we have to do" to garner more support. Gardner. I know exactly what he's doing. "We're looking at it, but we'll probably end up supporting that, yes".

He said the federal government "is closing its eyes and plugging its ears" to spreading legalization, but Washington should not interfere with any state's legal marijuana market.

Nine states have legalized recreational marijuana and another 20 have legalized the drug for medical use. The bill would protect investors and business owners as long as they follow state and local laws. "States like MA have put a lot of work into implementing common sense marijuana regulations - and they have the right to enforce their own marijuana policies".

But the president's comments on Friday appeared to dispel the doubt around his support for the bill which would still keep the federal ban in place.

Sessions has been known for his vocal opposition to marijuana legalization, calling it a "very real danger" during his Senate confirmation hearing, and saying, "Good people don't smoke marijuana".

But in states such as California that have legalized marijuana, it would bring the cannabis industry out of its current financial limbo by giving the industry access to banks and other financial institutions, which previously have been off-limits because of federal prohibitions.

"The States Act is a great example of bipartisan legislation and how this country is meant to work", said Erik Knutson, chief executive of Keef Brands, which sells cannabis-infused beverages.

Marijuana is considered an illegal, Schedule I substance by the federal government.

Prohibits the distribution or sale of marijuana to persons under the age of 21 other than for medical purposes. This odd reality in which selling a joint could land you in jail under federal law and give you a paycheck under state law may not last forever.

Industry officials also have told Marijuana Business Daily over the past few months that Trump's assurances don't mean much because he changes his mind so often and further note that Sessions and the Justice Department operate independently of the White House. Liszewski, though, said it might leave room for that possibility, if the states sending and receiving the product both authorized those operations.