Nevertheless, Nadella is one man, and many of his policies, particularly surrounding the companies hero products like Windows and Office, are deeply divisive (understatement). Some people are reporting that the deal was worth $2 billion United States dollars, although they might have misread the Bloomberg post, which was talking about a $2 billion USD valuation during a round of private investments back in 2015. The company has since grown to feature video game consoles (Xbox), consumer electronics, personal computers and cloud services (Microsoft Azure).

While some developers seem unhappy about an acquisition, it's possible that Microsoft's interest is GitHub's saving grace.

GitHub, which was most recently valued at $2 billion following a funding round in 2015, provides a code repository and documentation hosting service for open-source software developers. Some, noting changes happening at the company since Satya Nadella became CEO in 2014, said they believed Microsoft would be a good steward for GitHub. Plus, if someone else takes the reigns at Microsoft, there's no guarantee that they won't simply undo everything down the line, and what then for GitHub? It claims some of the biggest customers in the technology industry, including Apple Inc., Facebook Inc., Google Inc., IBM Corp. and many more. And as CNBC points out, data from GitHub could also help Microsoft better its artificial intelligence capabilities. GitHub is home for modern developers and the world's most popular destination for open source projects and software innovation.

Under the terms of the agreement, Microsoft will acquire GitHub for $7.5 billion in Microsoft stock.

Github, based in San Francisco, is an online platform that allows coders to collaborate with each other on their work. GitHub allegedly hosts over 80 million code repositories and 27 million developer accounts. Bloomberg reported that despite growing revenue, the company posted a loss of $66 million (paywall) over the first nine months of 2016. GitHub CEO Chris Wanstrath will become a Microsoft Technical Fellow as part of the arrangement. In fact, just previous year, Microsoft shut down CodePlex, which is like GitHub although it launched back in 2006. Microsoft's deep pockets can, at least, ensure that GitHub stays active for a long time.