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North and South Korean soldiers glare at each other across the line that Kim Jong Un historically stepped across for his recent summit with South Korean President Moon Jae-in.

"It's a one-time shot", he said at a press conference, adding that the North Koreans had been working "very well with us".

While Singapore has authoritarian leanings, it is still a thriving bastion of capitalism and wealth, and Kim will be performing his high-stakes diplomatic tight-rope walk in front of 3,000 global journalists, including a huge contingent from the ultra-aggressive South Korean press - sometimes referred to by Pyongyang as "reptile media" - two of whom were arrested by Singapore police investigating a report of trespassing at the residence of the North Korean ambassador.

After months of fiery rhetoric and steady nuclear progress, the North Korean leader used a speech at New Year to open the door to dialogue with the South. Relations warmed rapidly, hitting a crescendo soon after with the first meeting of Korean leaders in more than decade.

The US president predicted that he will know "within the first minute" if the Singapore summit, which has been under threat of cancellation, is a success. "That's what I do", the president said. "We're going in with a very positive spirit".

Asked how long it would take for him to know if Kim was honest about giving up nuclear weapons Mr Trump said: "I think within the first minute I'll know".

Asked how hell read Kims intentions so quickly, the president replied: "My touch, my feel". That's what I do. "I think Ill also know whether it will happen fast". "I don't want to waste his time".

"I congratulate the leaders of other countries for crazily being able to make these trade deals that were so good for their countries and bad for the United States", Trump said.

With a riverside view that looks directly over North Korea, the 2,400-unit project by Singaporean developer Brothers (Holdings) Ltd broke ground in 2008 but saw annual sales of less than a hundred units in the last five years as China's neighbor grew more focused on its nuclear program.

There is a huge level of excitement in Singapore among locals who this week celebrated this week with Trump and Jong-un lookalikes have also been spotted hosting celebratory events.

But after a cooling of the rhetoric, both sides began forging tentative contacts that eventually saw Mike Pompeo - the former head of the Central Intelligence Agency who is now secretary of state - meet Kim in Pyongyang.

"If I didn't do this, it would be.it's never been done before and obviously what has been done before hasn't worked", he said. Unlike traditional summits between heads of state, where most of the work is completed in advance of a photo-op, US officials say the only thing certain ahead of these talks will be their unpredictability. "And I think we should make that clear". "And, by the way, we have worked very well with their people", he said.

"Thank you for all the donations you have been making to North Korea, well, me".

Agreeing to a troop withdrawal from South Korea would be the worst possible outcome for the summit, said Christopher Hill, a former USA ambassador who ran negotiations with North Korea in the George W. Bush administration. "I felt as if I was back in time, back in the period immediately after the Second World War when global military tribunals and other investigations were conducted into the Nazi horrors". Who knows? May not work out. May not work out.