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The small businessmen work in the heart of Tehran's trading district and are angry with the Rouhani Administration's handling of the United States walkout from the nuclear deal and upcoming sanctions from Washington - the Iranian rial (IRR) had plunged to a new all-time unofficial market low of IRR90,000 to the dollar on June 24, according to reports via social media.

"Their demands are delivered through the chamber to the government, and these are being pursued by us", he said.

On Monday, protesters clashed with police in front of the Parliament in Tehran, the Associated Press reports, citing videos posted on social media networks.

But in videos obtained by RFE/RL, the crowd at the bazaar can be heard in Persian chanting "Leave Syria, think about us", while some demonstrators shouted "Our enemy is here, not in the U.S".

It wasn't immediately clear who was leading the protests.

The unplanned demonstrations come a day after Tehran's two major shopping malls dedicated to mobiles and electronics shut down in protest over alleged rent-seeking by official importers, and refused to sell their products using the government's reduced rial rate of IRR42,000 to the dollar.

Due to the economic protests, the authorities have closed Grand Bazaar, the main urban market of the capital.

Iran last witnessed mass protests in December, when demonstrations across 75 cities saw more than 5,000 activists arrested and at least 25 killed by security forces. The protests in late December and early January saw at least 25 people killed and almost 5,000 people arrested by authorities. Analysts believe hard-liners likely encouraged the first protest that took place in Mashhad to try to weaken President Hassan Rouhani, a relative moderate.

The protests then spiraled out of control, with people openly criticizing both President Rouhani and Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

Mr Rouhani's government has struggled with the economic problems, which have seen high unemployment.

Speaking after a meeting between President Hassan Rohani and officials from the Economy Ministry, Seyf said the parallel market would operate based on different exchange rates for the US dollar.

The dollar's surging black market value also has led the Iranian central bank to ration its supply of the USA currency to Iranians, Shojai said.

Jahangiri called on internal parties, officials and people to unite and support the Iranian government against the "American economic war". "Even our friends and neighbors like Russia, China and Europeans can't help us today".