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"While the answer to racism is not to impose purity retroactively or to disappear titles from shelves, no 8-year-old Dakota child should have to listen to an uncritical reading of Little House on the Prairie". Columbus Day is now Indigenous Peoples' Day in some places.

Laura Ingalls Wilder is one of the best-known children's authors.

It has since become a staple of children's literature in the US and around the world, spawning multiple literary spinoffs, merchandise, and a wildly popular television series in 1974.

The board went on to say that Wilder's written works will continue to be published, but added that her "legacy is complex" and "not universally embraced".

Her books depicted her family's adventures traveling the Western frontier and also were adapted into a TV series, "Little House on the Prairie".

Born just after the Civil War in 1867 and having lived through both the Panic of 1893 and Great Depression in the 1930s, Wilder once acknowledged that "in my own life I represented a whole period of American history".

The move came after decades of complaints about how the "Little House on the Prairie" author portrayed blacks and Native Americans in her books. The semi-autobiographical books followed the trials and tribulations of her real-life family, the Ingalls, as they survived pioneer life in the American West. Previously, the organization had noted the "anti-Native and anti-Black sentiments" in Wilder's writing.

The character who is Laura Ingalls's mother, Caroline Ingalls, is not subtle in her hatred of the Native Americans, saying repeatedly she doesn't like them, before she has even encountered them.

"Whether we love Wilder or hate her, we should know her", she wrote.

Some applaud the ALSC for taking measures to correct oppressive outdated racial attitudes, but other readers and critics argue that Wilder certainly had no ill intent and that her books - like all art, were merely a reflection of the social mores of their times.

Director of Chicago's American Indian Center, Heather Miller, said she read the books during childhood, and didn't see her ethnicity reflected in the stories.

"Each generation revises the literary canon", she wrote.

Her first book, The Little House in the Big Woods was published in 1932 when she was 65. Fraser stated that Wilder's work "vividly, unforgettably ... still tells truths about white settlement, homesteading and the violent appropriation of Indian land and culture".