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The tariffs won't close the Mexican market to those apples or, if they remain in effect, to the 2018 crop, which will be harvested beginning in August, Powers said. "They raise prices for those who can least afford it".

"We believe that the meat [price] will go up 15, 16% and I think that it could have an impact on consumption, reduce consumption, and that's what worries me the most", said Víctor Manuel Ochoa, CEO of Mexico's largest pork producer, Granjas Carroll.

Trump's fellow G7 leaders will use their initial gathering in Charlevoix to confront the US president over his controversial decision to impose punishing tariffs on steel and aluminum imports, senior Canadian officials said Tuesday.

The two countries had been given a reprieve from those duties - which also have been imposed on the European Union - pending the outcome of talks to revamp the North American Free Trade Agreement.

James Comey, the Federal Bureau of Investigation director so famously fired by Trump a year ago, told an Ottawa audience Tuesday that the G7 leaders simply can't trust what the president tells them.

The tariffs have become a flashpoint with America's allies and emerged as a major worldwide irritant last week, when G7 finance ministers met in Whistler, B.C.

The United States imposed tariffs of 25 percent on imported steel and 10 percent on aluminum in March, citing national security grounds. "This is devastating to my family and pork producing families across the United States". Tariffs and other trade barriers make us poorer.

"I've filed trade cases for the last 20 years".

Meanwhile, Trump economic advisor Larry Kudlow revived the possibility on Tuesday that the president will seek to replace NAFTA with bilateral deals with Canada and Mexico, something both countries say they oppose.

Iowa, where one incumbent Republican representative, Rod Blum, is seen as vulnerable, is an example of a place where Trump's party could be hurt. "The prime minister also underlined the need to safeguard jobs".

After returning from the G-7 finance ministers summit in Canada, Mnuchin made the case that the US has a $2 billion steel surplus with Canada and a almost $26 billion services surplus, and should consider making an exemption for its northern neighbor, according to the sources.

Mexico on Tuesday slapped a 25% import tariff on a wide range of steel products from the USA, matching the US steel duty.

China has warned it would cancel any promises over trade with the US if the Trump administration moves ahead with planned tariffs.

Charles Koch and brother David Koch are pictured in this undated combination photo.

Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto and his Canadian counterpart, Justin Trudeau, spoke as soon as Washington announced the new duties.

Trump has frequently expressed his preference for reaching agreements with other countries one at a time, rather than multilateral agreements like NAFTA or a 12-country Asia-Pacific deal he abandoned upon taking office past year. If it can't, so be it. Their checkbooks - and their abilities to recruit likeminded patrons - have largely helped conservatives, although this week they announced they were stepping up their game against President Donald Trump over his efforts to drag the United States into a trade war.