KXIP vs KKR Live Score

Kingdom Hearts 2 released in 2005 and while there have been several spin-offs and collections for the game since, Kingdom Hearts 3 is the game that fans have been waiting for.

The trailer opens in live action, with a guy in a hoodie walking down a busy urban backstreet - which appears to be in the middle of New York City.

At E3 2018 this year, multiple new details about Kingdom Hearts were revealed, including the 2019 release date and the introduction of new game worlds, including Frozen. We recommend playing through some of the earlier entries in the franchise, or at least reading up on the story before embarking on the daunting quest that is Kingdom Hearts III.

Just Cause 4 received the EDM treatment in a trailer that showcased its violently volatile world and weather, as well as a few snippets of gameplay.

Shadow Of The Tomb Raider offered a first look at jungle combat, with what seems to be a stealth system very similar to the Predator sections in Batman: Arkham. As bonuses are revealed, we'll list them here too.

So what did we get instead?

"The Quiet Man" is from "Prey" developers Human Head Studios, and we can expect to hear more in August, according to the teaser trailer.

What are you hoping to see at the Square Enix E3 Showcase? A lot of games that were presented at Microsoft's E3 press conference.

Plus, I am just really bitter that we didn't see a remastered collection of Legacy of Kain, particularly Defiance.

However, it doesn't look too good for people living outside Japan, where Square Enix now has it listed as part of a lottery scheme it's now running.