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The annual Steam Summer Sale has just started and gamers can once again buy virtual games, apps, and even real hardware for a discounted price.

Visit the Steam homepage here to see all of the sale items. It's essentially the Black Friday of online video game sales.

Valve added a game to the sale called Saliens which you can play to enter giveaways for certain games.

While there are other websites that will tell you roughly how much you've spent on Steam, there's a new official Steam tool that you can download here that tells you exactly how much you've spent on games via the PC marketplace. More specifically, Steam users will be combating an intergalactic force that is trying to destroy all games.

So, which games should you consider if you're looking to pick something up?

The Steam Summer sale tends to be the biggest of all publisher Valve's discount events, with huge swathes of the catalogue seeing its price slashed dramatically.

That's just a very tiny sample of some of Steam's featured deals, so be sure to do some deeper digging when you have some time.

Evidence of the sale started to surface last week, with the game distribution platform's collectable cards introducing a set of "Mysterious" entries last week. Steam sales can make your backlog pretty bloated fast, so make sure you're spending on cash on stuff you actually plan on playing.