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Bumblebee, which is the first of what I would assume will be a trilogy, is slated to hit theaters this holiday seasons. Following the critical and financial disaster of Transformers: The Last Knight, the future of the Transformers universe is uncertain.

We got the first trailer for Bumblebee, and it looks like it could be a very different kind of Transformers movie. The film seems to have a much smaller scale considering it is still a Transformers film. The budget for Bumblebee is roughly $100 - far less than previous movies in the franchise.

When asked back in December if the relationship her character has with Bumblebee is similar to the one Shia LaBeouf's character had in the original trilogy, Steinfeld explained her interpretation of the new story. Charlie had previously spoken to Collider.com about the movie and her role.

This is a big moment for a lot of Transformers fans who aren't fans of Michael Bay's version of the transforming robots.

It ends by Rick-rolling us all and playing a couple of seconds of "Never Gonna Give You Up" by Rick Astley, which to his credit, Bumblebee doesn't like and spits at Charlie. She's in high school. Bumblebee marks the first time Bay vacates the director's chair, to make room for Kubo and the Two Strings director Travis Knight.

The trailer shows Charlie Watson (played by Hailee Steinfield) picking out the iconic yellow VW Beetle, which then quickly morphs into its robo-alter-ego Bumblebee and is actually quite adorable.