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He had called for larger teacher pay raises of about 8 percent, instead of 6.5 percent, which he said is what's needed for North Carolina to reach the national average in a few years' time.

In a closed primary election, registered Democratic voters are shut out of Republican elections and registered Republican voters are excluded from Democratic primaries. One of them is Rep. Charles Graham's District 47, which covers much of Robeson County.

"We're all going to agree on some fundamental issues", Barnhart said.

State lawmakers, including Graham, have a choice, Woodhouse said. They can vote for safer schools or not. People know her. People respect her and it's hard to see him mounting a real challenge to her at this point because he's been unable to raise very much money.

"Legislators' positions are defined by how they vote", he said. Harry Brown, an Onslow County Republican and top budget writer, speaking during the floor debate. But the budget bill can't be amended. Our state employees are saying this is a great budget. The Senate already finished its debate and votes.

What's really interesting right now is that we're only a couple of cycles into this top two situation, and that has created an unprecedented territory in just about every race and every level of race in California.

"It is likely that the final push came from the new process at the DMV", Mitchell said. Floor votes on the bill are expected later this week before it goes to Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper's desk.

The budget has all the things the Democrats want, he said.

"It denies them some political grandstanding", Woodhouse said. "A substantial raise for teachers, 6.5 percent". And thousands of low-income full-time state employees would see their pay grow to the equivalent of $15 per hour, raising some salaries by close to 30 percent. Five correctional officers and staff died in prison attacks previous year, including four in Pasquotank County. It's a bad budget for teachers, a bad budget for parents, a bad budget for students and it's a bad budget for businesses, " said Sen. It also included money to help fund job training. To that end, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has spent at least $1 million opposing Harkey's most formidable Republican opponent, state Assemblyman Rocky Chávez. NPR's Kelsey Snell reports from California on one Republican who says defying President Trump and his own party leaders on immigration is good politics back home.

"And that's unfortunate", Graham said.

- The Senate gave preliminary approval to the state budget Wednesday, with Republicans using a parliamentary maneuver to block all amendments and force a simple up-or-down vote. The Democrats had plenty of opportunity to make any objections known during the 2017 long session. Just before Wednesday's vote, state Republican Party officials said that efforts to defeat Davis in the fall elections would get special attention if he voted against the plan.

North Carolina Democratic legislators say their Republican counterparts are ignoring the views of millions of people they represent by preventing their amendments for a budget bill from getting heard. Republicans were never going to block the tax cuts. Also included are benefits from more than $600 million in additional revenue collections through mid-2019, thanks to a growing economy. He has 10 days to sign it into law, veto it, or simply do nothing and allow it to become law. Issa endorsed California Board of Equalization member Diane L. Harkey, who Democrats believe is the most vulnerable Republican contender and therefore the one they'd most like to face in November. Jay Chaudhuri, a Wake County Democrat.

As previously announced, the agreement contains $35 million to address school safety and student support personnel following the February school shooting in Parkland, Florida, that left 17 people dead. It could be attractive to a company like Apple, which is strongly considering the state for a new corporate campus. They also said it didn't go far enough for researching and cleaning up the state's rivers and streams of little-known contaminants like GenX.