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Apple has also introduced a new app, called Measures.

Of course announced was its next-generation much anticipated and predicted mobile software iOS 12.

It's a very different approach from what Google and Amazon are doing with the Google Assistant and Alexa.

New features will help protect users' anonymity online. With the settings, a limit could be set for using apps in addition to tracking the app's usage.

Apple unveiled new steps to make it hard for advertisers to distinguish among users, building on its effort, begun a year ago, to prevent such tracking.

The announcement was made during the 2018 Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) event in San Jose, California, which also included other new features and updates coming to iOS 12. This saves time and ensures consistent, comprehensible use without the limits on convenience of using the app.

The upcoming versions of software powering iPhone and Mac computers will block the use of so-called "cookies" from Facebook "like" buttons that can follow people from one website to another, Apple said.

Another management feature is "Screen Time".

Parents will be able to set limits for time their children set in apps and get detailed reports regarding which apps are used. The division's revenue surged by 31 percent from the previous year in Apple's most recent quarter. If you are bothered by the fact you're spending 3 hours or more on Instagram or Facebook, you can now allow yourself a set amount of time for an app or category like social media.

Animoji can be created to look similar to users' real-world appearance, or with a variety of digital accouterments like hats and costumes.

The software update will also let people group similar tasks together into shortcuts that can be accessed by simple phrases like "heading home".

As announced yesterday at WWDC, iOS 12 will launch this Fall and will most likely be joined by a handful of new products at its launch.

The iOS 12 update will be available to all devices going as far back as the iPhone 5S and the iPad Mini 2. It'll now begin looking for relevant photos before you've completed your search query, and it'll make improved search suggestions as you try to nail down the specific image you're looking for.

Apple revealed that its Voice Memos app has been revamped to be introduced on iPad along with the release of iOS 12. It also uses your iPhone's camera to virtually take accurate readings, letting you see the width, length, and height of things just by tapping your screen. If you order coffee through an app every morning, Siri might serve up a notification on your home screen to send your coffee order. The app will group those speakers by room, so you can now ask Siri to play a song "in the kitchen and the bedroom", for example.