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Cheeks is being charged with child endangerment, while police and Child Services continue their investigations.

Strangely enough, there is little information available on the relations between Cheeks and the children, aged 7 and 8-years-old.

Cheeks admitted that she drove the children in the kennels from Whitehaven to Collierville, which is a 35-minute ride.

The concerned citizen who shot the video says that he recorded the video for evidence in case police didn't show up in time.

Disturbing cell phone video led to the arrest of Leimome Cheeks, who now faces two counts of child endangerment. She seems like a nice lady.

In the video, a child is seen climbing out of the trunk of the vehicle from the kennel, according to Cleveland 19 News.

Other neighbours Eugene and Melanie Richmond described her as a "super good neighbour" and "a real caring person". "Wow", Skylarr Blake, a neighbor, told WREG.

Neighbors tells us Cheeks just bought two puppies, which is why the kennels are in the back of her truck.

They also said they were hot during the drive while enclosed in the dog kennels, complaining their grandmother did not switch on air conditioning and kept the windows of the vehicle shut.

"I don't think she knew because she loves her grandkids", Cowan told Fox 13. Something is going on with her. "If she did that, then that's out of character for her", neighbor Eugene Richmond said.

Cheeks was being held on Sunday in the Shelby County Jail. The 62-year-old is out on bond and has a Monday morning court appearance.