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Visitors to Apple's page for its executive leadership team on Monday were surprised to find that the official headshots were replaced with emoji-fied portraits.

The new emojis will be available via a software update later in the year, probably going hand-in-hand with the iOS 12 release.

To celebrate World Emoji Day (which is today if you didn't know), Apple has announced its next round of brand new emoji.

AppleIt's nearly that time of year again: new emoji are on the horizon for iPhone users. Dating app Tinder has also released infographics for World Emoji Day, including one for India.

The new leafy green and mooncake emojis are meant to celebrate Chinese culture, specifically the Mid-Autumn Festival, Mashable reported.

APPLE has marked World Emoji Day on Tuesday by giving users a preview of the new images coming in the next emoji update. With all the different skin and hair types taken into account, those two new colors alone add a bunch of new emoji to iOS.


You can see all the new emojis here!

On streaming site YouTube, which is owned by Google, happy face emojis were used five times more often than sad ones in comments on the 10,000 most popular videos.

There are new food emojis too including lobster, mango, leafy green vegetable, moon cake, and more.

"I hope people will try using World Emoji Day as an excuse to lighten up their online communications", said Burge.

How many town names can you guess from the list of emojis?