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A screen grab shows boys rescued from the Tham Luang cave wearing masks and resting in a hospital in Chiang Rai on a Wednesday handout video.

Volanthen was the first person the boys heard after nine days trapped in the flooded cave. Thongchai said the first four had no fever, were able to eat normally, had normal eyesight while the two of them who had signs of pneumonia responded well to treatment, had normal lung X-ray results and had no blood infections.

"From our assessment, they are in good condition and not stressed", Thongchai Lertwilairattanapong, an inspector for Thailand's health department, stated, according to Reuters. A psychiatrist said their mental state seems fine.

The 12 Wild Boars players and their coach had entered the cave to go exploring June 23 but monsoon rains filled the tight passageways, blocking their escape.

They expected to be in the cave for only an hour when high water was suddenly upon them. They ran farther inside the cave to escape from the water.

They survived on snacks they brought with them and by drinking water running down cave walls, authorities said.

When Volanthen, 50, arrived at Heathrow Airport in London later Thursday, he was greeted by reporters and cheered by people who recognized him.

He said those divers not only found the boys alive but conveyed the gravity of the situation to the rest of the world. There was nowhere else to go. Thongchai said the hospital also provided mental care and consultations although they all appeared to have no stress nor worries over what happened.

It's an inspiring story fit for Hollywood: 12 fearless young soccer players trapped in a flooded cave for two weeks, dauntless rescuers risking life and limb to save the team, a wave of support from dozens of countries as the world watched with bated breath for the rescuers to emerge victorious with the Wild Boars safe in hand. "From now on, Dom will have to be a good person".

He thanked the pairs' families for dealing with the media and the "worry we caused them" as well as sending "heartfelt condolences" to the family of former Thai Navy SEAL Saman Gunan who died during the rescue efforts. Becoming a monk at a temple for at least a short period is a way of making merit in Thai Buddhist tradition.

Asked if their actions might be seen as insensitive at such a delicate time, co-producer Adam Smith said: "There's going to be other production companies coming in so we have to act pretty quickly".