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"As a effect there will be no business as usual because of the Brexit".

The other cabinet member who quit, Brexit minister David Davis, has said it was impossible for him to defend Ms May's plans that would see the United Kingdom retaining close trade ties to the European Union and subject to certain regulatory mechanisms. Both fiercely criticized her negotiating stance.

It will offer more detail on a position to try to move on with Brexit talks that have all but stalled. These have all but stalled because of her reticence of show her cards until now for fear of angering one of the two main factions of her party.

They were announced less than an hour before May was due to face the press alongside German Chancellor Angela Merkel at an global summit in London. Farage, who quit as leader following the 2016 European Union referendum result, called on Conservative MPs to hold a vote of no confidence over the prime minister.

"It is the ultimate betrayal of our democracy and people's belief in it".

Tory former minister Mark Francois said a confidence vote in the PM was not the "right thing to do". They also argue that the customs scheme to resolve the Irish border while letting Britain strike trade deals with other countries just isn't practicable. Finally, on July 6, May made her choice, opting for an approach that would require the U.K.to accept certain European Union rules on goods and products but reject its regulations for services-a kind of softish Brexit that she hoped European Union leaders might accept, even if the hard-liners in her Cabinet did not.

He recognised the "difficult week" inside Downing Street following several resignations in response to the proposals agreed at Chequers.

Davis himself expressed regret that Johnson had quit, and said it would be "wrong" for his departure to trigger a major rebellion. The Daily Telegraph newspaper ran a photograph on Tuesday of him, pen poised, resigning as foreign minister.

The prime minister is also likely to face some opposition in Brussels, where officials have repeatedly warned Britain to lower its expectations about how close ties can be.

Asked about Boris Johnson's resignation, Trump added: "Boris Johnson is a friend of mine". He said "the Brexit dream is dying, suffocated by needless self doubt".

The Sun, Britain's biggest-selling newspaper, said there had been "blunder after blunder" by May.

Yet May's plan, despite the ructions in Westminster, might be the best hope for avoiding the chaos of such an exit.

Johnson was replaced by Jeremy Hunt, a long-serving health minister, and his appointment and could alter the Brexit balance of May's top ministerial team. "Brexit must and will happen".

May promised to deliver a "hard" Brexit when she came to power, but has since dialed back those aspirations following a loss of her Commons majority in last year's snap elections.

In a remark addressed in particular to Mr Johnson, Mr Hague said: "Being a romantic on this issue is all very well but is of no practical use to the country".