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The engineers were sent from Tesla, Musk's electric vehicle company; SpaceX, his rocket company; and the Boring Co., which specializes in tunneling and construction, a Boring Co. spokesman said.

There are still questions about the safety or effectiveness of Elon Musk's tiny submarine, as many on Twitter have questioned whether it can be safely completed and tested in such a short amount of time.

While a huge amount of water has been pumped out over the past several days, the cave's floodwater level remains high due to the area's mountainous nature.

The story made headlines last week, as a group of 12 Thai boys and their soccer coach, who have been missing since last month, were found alive in an underground cave in Chiang Rai, Northern Thailand.

Musk previously proposed using a double-layer Kevlar pressure pod or a long inflatable air sock to penetrate the narrow passageways and provide a rescue conduit. "Prob need to enter tube, zip up & then transit".

Musk was sure to share his admiration for the courageous kids trapped in the cave and the team of divers that's been working to rescue them and provide them with oxygen over the past few days.

Via Twitter, Musk has been updating progress on finding a solution.

Thai authorities say it is unknown when the first group of boys trapped in a flooded cave will begin their dive out of the cave, the key part of a rescue operation underway. A former member of Thailand's Navy SEAL team died trying to place oxygen tanks along a potential escape path, BuzzFeed News reports. Rescuers are anxious about diminishing oxygen levels in the cavern where they have taken refuge, as well as monsoon rains that could push water levels even higher.

So far, the mission to save the team has proved complex and extremely risky.

Rescuers have been pumping water out of the cave in a bid to drain enough water to let the boys walk out, rather than having to scuba dive.

SpaceX & Boring Co engineers headed to Thailand tomorrow to see if we can be helpful to govt.

Rescuers have also explored digging a hole into the cave system, allowing the boys to exit.

Musk had initially questioned whether his company could aid rescue efforts with its "advanced ground penetrating radar" as well as the company's "fully charged Powerpacks and pumps".