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Sport24.com reported that Radio was sold at the market before Japan was dumped out of the World Cup in brutal fashion by tournament front-runners Belgium on Monday. He used to be put into a paddling pool divided into three sections.

Despite gaining national attention for its success, however, the fisherman who caught Rabio, Kimio Abe, sent him to market before Japan's third match against Poland.

The octopus soon racked up a great record by predicting all of Japan's matches, including the tie against Senegal.

But the predictions came to an end after the fisherman who bought Rabiot made a decision to sell him for food just before the knockout stage.

Each sector - marked as win, lose or draw - had food placed to tempt the octopus.

An octopus who had predicted all three of Japan's group stage results at the World Cup has been turned into seafood.

However, the result of the knockout match against that is soon going to be held will not be predicted by this octopus because he is no more. After all, Abe had a business to run, and he offered hope to Japanese fans by saying: "I hope that the second Rabiot will also give all the outcomes correctly and that Japan will go all the way".

Sadly, Paul passed away in October 2010 aged two-and-a-half, without having the chance to pass on his psychic genes to any offspring.

This year, a Russian cat named Achilles is being touted as the latest psychic animal, after correctly predicting that the hosts would beat Saudi Arabia and Egypt - though he incorrectly backed Nigeria in their spat with Argentina, which beat them 2-1.