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Camera maker RED is nearing the release of its smartphone that rocks a modular lens system and can be used as a viewfinder for RED's cinema cameras. Light is said to be working on a smartphone that will have from five to nine camera lenses.

Yes, you read that right.

"Better still, Fowler states "[Light] says its phone design is capable of capturing 64 megapixel shots, better low-light performance and sophisticated depth effects".

The company promises a multi-lens smartphone later this year but so far no word on the price.

But just like the Light L16 camera, which costs $1,950, the Light-powered smartphone won't come cheap.

Imagine a smartphone sporting as many as nine cameras. Besides having an investor like Foxconn, Light also is familiar with Android since the open source OS drives the L16 camera.

According to The Washington Post, Light already has multiple prototypes it is testing for launch sometime this year. Huawei has also introduced a version of this, called the P21 Pro, featuring three lenses which are utilized for monochrome, color, and zoom.

Earlier, we reported that Microsoft might be bringing foldable phones that offer support of upto five positions, including a position where both ends of the screen are facing each other, i.e. total inversion.

How many cameras is too many cameras? The idea was to get the quality you'd expect from a DSLR, not by making sensors bigger, but by increasing the number of them.

Because the Light L16 captures from several different camera modules with different focal lengths, and at slightly different perspectives, it can radically optimise your final image to provide the best possible clarity, and virtually eliminate noise even in the darkest areas of your shot.