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If Apple described the new MacBook Pro's keyboard as one that improves reliability, it would be the same as admitting there were problems with its past keyboards.

The 2018 version of the MacBook Pro, which will be released before the week ends, found its way onto the hand of gadget fix specialists iFixit. But you know what else Apple has?

Those new keyboards on the refreshed MacBook Pros provide a slightly quieter typing experience, but they retain the same short key travel from the previous generation.

Can this thin rubber layer block out dust and dirt
Can this thin rubber layer block out dust and dirt?Image ifixit

Apart from the United States, the new MacBook Pro is now also available in-stores in the United Kingdom, France, and Germany, though most of the stores are limited to only the 13-inch model. The new 2018 models have the same starting price as their 2017 counterparts, with the "base" 15-inch MBP starting at $2399 while the "high-end" MBP starts at $2799 which packs a faster CPU, better GPU, and twice the SSD capacity.

According to iFixit, the new MacBook Pros come with a silicone cover over the butterfly switches that are supposed to stop dust from intervening with the key mechanism. While a more reliable keyboard is undeniably a great selling point, it makes sense that Apple is not shouting about it at the moment. They've got upgraded processors, true tone displays and a QUIETER keyboard. We suspected at the time that Apple fixed the major keyboard issue that's been affecting all MacBook Pros since the 2016 redesign, but Apple would not confirm it officially. "This flexible enclosure is quite obviously an ingress-proofing measure to prevent the mechanism from seizing up under the brutal onslaught of microscopic dust", writes iFixit.