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Not all get the new Ultra option but it is clear that Netflix could introduce the plan for new customers which would pay more money per month for the same set of features that Netflix's Premium plan provides right now.

Engadget noted that prices for the Ultra plan varied among users in the test from €16.99 ($19.77) to €19.99 ($23.26) per month. The move also affects the standard plan, where multiple simultaneous streams are eliminated completely-streaming will be possible on only one device at a time.

At present, the Premium tier, which is priced at £9.99 per month in the United Kingdom, allows for viewing on up to four screens at once, plus gives access to 4K HDR content - in Dolby Vision too if your TV supports it. Rather than being able to watch Netflix content on four screens simultaneously as it stands now, Premium subscribers might only have support for two screens, while the new Ultra plan will come with support for four displays. Netflix is said to be assessing whether consumers place more value on the number of streams or higher content quality. Screens can be TVs, laptops, tablets or smartphones.

First spotted by TuttoAndroid, the new package's price and options have varied for a number of people. This is up from the current top "Premium" tier which costs €13.99 a month.

Typical prices have ranged between €16.99 (£15 / $20) and €19.99 (£18 / $23). The only difference appears to be that it supports High Dynamic Range (HDR) while all other plans on Netflix don't support the feature anymore according to the listing.

- ”We continuously test new things at Netflix and these tests typically vary in length of time, ” Smita Saran, a Netflix spokesperson, til CNET.

Users have reported this change in Italy, and Cordcutting.com found the change in other European countries, including Germany. Meanwhile, the Standard tier would also be halved from two streams to one.