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The US President, according to the White House, has interviewed seven candidates from his master list of 25 judges.

Trump, who is expected to reveal his nominee in the coming days, stressed in his weekly presidential address that the next Supreme Court justice should reject judicial activism and policy-making from the bench.

The three are Judges Brett Kavanaugh, Amy Coney Barrett and Raymond Kethledge with Kavanaugh and Barrett as the top two at the moment.

She clerked for late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia and was appointed a year ago to the U.S. Court of Appeals. They will pull out all the stops to accelerate the politicization of the Supreme Court - but they will have to go through me first.

Kavanaugh has a reputation as a staunch originalist and conservative who more often than not rules in the favor of federal separation of powers and resists the expansion of administrative federal offices. "I have it down to four people, and I think, of the four people, I have it down to three or two", he told reporters.

"They're all likely to be on the same side on issues involving abortion, on issues involving voting rights, on issues involving affirmative action".

Mr. Thapar was on the shortlist of candidates after Judge Antonin Scalia died in 2016.

The U.S. Supreme Court is seen as the court nears the end of its term in Washington, U.S., June 11, 2018.

His rapid ascent in recent days has been marked with praise from supporters calling him "Gorsuch 2.0" - a reference to Justice Neil M. Gorsuch, another conservative former Kennedy clerk whom Trump nominated a year ago.

"Big decision will soon be made on our next Justice of the Supreme Court!"

Trump is set to announce his nominee in a televised address on Monday evening.

Writing in the Washington Post, Thiessen explained that Democrats have no one to blame but themselves, recalling a series of missteps that brought us to the current situation, where justices can be confirmed in the Senate with a simple majority vote.

However, three sources familiar with Kethledge's reasoning and judicial philosophy have raised concerns with Breitbart News over his tendency, not unlike his one-time boss Justice Kennedy, to resort to sweeping moral judgment, rather than constitutionally-mandated restraint, in reaching his opinions. Trump needs her vote. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) and Sen.

Mom-of-seven Judge Amy Coney Barrett, 46, a former Notre Dame law professor, became a right-wing heroine past year when she stood up to grilling from Senate Democrats over her religious faith.

Since then, Kavanaugh has worked in the George W. Bush (43) administration, helping him in the Florida recount, as well as at the Justice Department.

But, through the use of pronouns "her" and "she", the Utah senator may have tipped his hat as to whom the next Supreme Court justice would be - if the president has made him privy to the information.

The vacancy left by Kennedy's retirement gives Trump a second opportunity to re-shape the high court.