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The man seen in a viral video harassing a woman for wearing a Puerto Rican flag shirt has been charged with a hate crime. The officer initially appears to ignore the pleas. It also had "Puerto Rico" written below the neckline.

"That officer did absolutely nothing - he did absolutely zero", Irizarry said in the video, which was streamed from her Facebook profile on June 14, but gained a wider audience this week.

Earlier this week, the parks department confirmed that Trybus was charged with simple assault and that the investigation into the incident was ongoing. The report alleges he was intoxicated.

Mr Trybus faces a bail hearing on Friday on two counts of felony hate crime.

Cook County Commissioner Luis Arroyo Jr. weighed in on July 11, saying Connor should be fired.

Forest Preserve District Police Chief Kelvin Pope said Connor "should've stepped in, and he should've done something".

Trybus will be represented by a public defender but one has not been assigned to him yet, said the public defender's office. Repeated attempts to reach him for comment have been unsuccessful. Arnold Randall said: "Conner was not allowed on patrol duty immediately following the incident".

He said his agency would re-examine the diversity training for its officers and other employees. As of Thursday morning, the video had be seen 1.5 million times. "You know that right?"

In the video, Trybus can be heard saying, "You should not be wearing that in the United States of America. Ok". "Are you a citizen?"

"You should not be wearing that shirt in the United States of America. Officer, officer, I feel highly uncomfortable", repeatedly asking Officer Patrick Connor, standing nearby, to do something about the incident.

That's a central fear among white nationalists, the alt-right, racists or whatever you want to call them: Immigrants are coming to America and fundamentally changing the country, moving it away from what they believe are its white, European roots.

Irizzary then tries to plead with policeman again, saying: 'Officer, I paid for a permit for this area, I do not feel comfortable here, is there anything you can do?' "I told him I felt uncomfortable multiple times and he didn't do anything. Is there anything you can do?"

More officers arrived and arrested the man. The woman, Mia Irizarry, is heard appealing to the officer to help restrain the man, but the officer doesn't appear to engage until almost 10 minutes later, when other officers arrive. "Are you a United States citizen?" he screamed, referring to the shirt as "un-American". 'Why are you wearing that?' "You know that right?" She explains that Irizarry has a permit and she warns him that he could be arrested "for not being compliant".

And sadly, the same fear and "otherness" is extended to other people, the handicapped, gay and lesbian and transgender Americans, immigrants, Muslims, people of color the list just goes on.

For several minutes the man berates Irizarry and at one point stands a few inches from her.

The video even got the attention of Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rosello, who said he was "appalled, shocked, and disturbed by the officer's behavior".