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Just one day after he campaigned against her in Fargo, Sen.

Heitkamp says she also talked about worldwide trade, oil prices and health care-related issues with the president. "We must elect more Republicans - we have to do that".

"You need a senator who doesn't just talk like they're from North Dakota but votes like they're from North Dakota", Trump bellowed.

Trump, with his arms spread wide for what appeared a hugging embrace, quickly readjusted his arms right before embracing Cramer. Most legislation needs 60 votes to get through the Senate, and Democrats have refused to go along with much of what Trump and the Republicans have proposed.

She said the duty of picking a justice is "one of the most important roles of a USA senator, and I don't take this job lightly".

He pledged to always be with Trump. But I'll tell you what: "good woman", Trump said then.

He recently called White House chief of staff John Kelly to make clear he was less than thrilled with Trump's friendly treatment of Heitkamp, who joined Democrats in voting against tax cuts Trump enacted past year and has voted against some of his Cabinet nominees.

"It's a very tough situation", he said.

Cramer has said the hubbub was "more about the White House than me", but some Republicans think it's time for Trump to take on Heitkamp.

He referred to Crowley, a Trump critic, as a "slovenly man" who "got his ass kicked by a young woman who had a lot of energy". "Please keep Maxine Waters on the air as your face and your mouthpiece for the Democrats".

"I mean, (Waters) practically was telling people the other day to assault".

In Fargo, Trump decried Wednesday what he deemed unfair treatment from other countries and said he aims to make trade "fair and reciprocal".

Kennedy announced his retirement Wednesday, allowing Trump - who previous year appointed Justice Neil Gorsuch - to fill a second seat on the Supreme Court. But Kennedy's decision to retire seemed to give him extra firepower, and he said he wanted to pick a jurist who could spend at least 40 years on the court. "We need intellect.so many elements go into the making of a great justice of the Supreme Court".

Heitkamp has said she was curious about how Trump would portray her record, which she says has favored many issues the president cares about, including overhauling environmental and banking regulations. But, referring to the rally, Trump said, "Maybe because of this she will be forced to vote 'yes'".

Trump also spent several minutes defending his administration's hard-line stance on immigration, once again repeating his assertion that the Democrats want "open borders" as an alternative. He was set to speak Thursday at the ceremonial groundbreaking for a massive $10 billion Foxconn factory complex in Wisconsin and attend a closed-door fundraiser.