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16 July in Helsinki, where they plan to meet US President Donald trump and the head of Russia Vladimir Putin, held several protests, reports Yle. "We recognise that the world is better off, I believe, if Russia and the U.S. have fewer tensions, get along a little better", Senator Richard Shelby said during the meeting with Lavrov at the Russian foreign ministry. "We are competitors, but we don't necessarily need to be adversaries".

Russia's ambassador to the U.S.is speaking out on the upcoming summit between President Trump and his Russian counterpart.

The border guard of Finland may temporarily regain control on the borders with European Union countries in connection with the Helsinki meeting, trump and Putin.

But he also said they would oppose any attempt, by the Syrian opposition, backed by the U.S., to create an autonomous region in southern Syria.

On the issue of arms control, the official said the United States intends to raise Russian violations of the INF arms treaty during the meeting and discuss the fate of arms control agreements between the two countries. The lawmakers were joined for the meeting with Lavrov by U.S. Ambassador Jon Huntsman.

He also defended the notion of holding the meeting with Putin in the first place, something some experts and officials have questioned, given ongoing Russian actions in Ukraine, Syria, and persistent questions about Moscow's alleged meddling in the 2016 USA presidential election.

The US senators are due to meet with the upper house of the Russian parliament later Tuesday.

Trump has met Putin on the sidelines of several global conferences, but has not held a bilateral summit with the Russian leader.

Experts have warned that the meeting could have potentially massive consequences, as Putin has been described as a "very disciplined negotiator" who may be able to extract major concessions from Trump.