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A Soyuz rocket is scheduled to launch the uncrewed Progress 70 spacecraft from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan at 5:51 p.m. EDT (2151 GMT) to deliver almost 3 tons of supplies for the space station's crew. The "Progress" was launched at 2151 GMT on Monday from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan and arrived at the space station in the early hours of Tuesday, the agency said.

A new four-orbit (6 hour) trajectory was introduced in 2013, but the Russians have continued trying to reduce the lag between launch and arrival both for Progress and its cousin, the crew-carrying Soyuz spacecraft. (1,565 kg) of other "dry" cargo like food and other equipment, NASA public affairs officer Dan Huot told Space.com in an email. NASA calls this Progress 70 or 70P because it is the 70th Progress launched to the ISS.

It marked the first time such a fast-track approach was used.

Usually, other spacecraft take 2-3 day to reach the space station.

The SpaceX's 15th cargo flight to the space station that launched on June 29 took three days to reach the space station. Progress 70 will stay linked to the space station until January 2019, when it will be discarded, NASA officials said. Because the launch was aborted during the final moments of the countdown, the mission missed its chance to take the fast route to the ISS.

The Pirs module is the preferred docking port for the Soyuz and Progress vehicles. In February, a Progress MS-07 launch was cancelled at the last minute after another attempt in October 2016.