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The food and beverage retailer said Monday that it would switch to a strawless lid or alternative-material straw in place of plastic straws.

The coffee giant has designed, developed, and manufactured a strawless lid that will become the standard for all iced coffee, tea, and espresso beverages served in their locations around the world.

Starbucks has announced it is eliminating plastic straws from its stores worldwide over the next two years, an environmental measure that it said will remove more than a billion plastic straws annually from its stores.

Plastic straws contribute to ocean pollution and pose a danger to marine life.

McDonald's recently said it would switch to paper straws in the United Kingdom and Ireland by next year, and test alternatives to plastic straws in some US locations.

According to a release, Starbucks said the lid is now available in more than 8,000 stores in the USA and Canada for select beverages, including Draft Nitro and Cold Foam.

Say goodbye to plastic straws at Starbucks.

Starbucks had already committed $10 million to help develop recyclable, compostable cups for hot drinks.

The announcement from McDonald's followed an April proposal by the United Kingdom government to ban plastic straws in the country.

A number of local governments have recently passed legislation restricting the use and distribution of plastic straws. In May, the European Union also suggested a ban on some plastic items, including straws.

The announcement comes a week after Seattle, where the coffee house is headquartered, became one of the first high-profile cities in the U.S.to ban straws.

Other cities, like Fort Meyers, have banned plastic straws.

Nicholas Mallos, director of Ocean Conservancy's Trash Free Seas program, called Starbucks' decision a "shining example" of how companies can help fight ocean pollution.