Pete Lau says that the new OnePlus phone might be among the world's first to feature 5G connectivity. He also stressed that the function of 5G will be equipped with a device, despite her stay in the testing stage. Lau also confirmed OnePlus aims to produce a 5G phone next year. Meanwhile, before the OnePlus 7 launch, the company is expected to launch a slightly revamped OnePlus 6T later this year.

Lau spoke with PCMag at Mobile World Congress Shanghai on these topics, explaining that OnePlus recently began to offer phones through European carriers, and U.S. carriers are a natural next step.

That would mean United States customers won't have to buy OnePlus handsets outright anymore and will also have more opportunity to try before they buy, though Lau didn't specify which carrier or carriers he's in talks with. At present, all the major carriers in the USA are nearly ready to launch 5G services.

He did not speak anything about launching a 5G smartphone in India.

OnePlus has recently launched the OnePlus 6 in multiple markets across the world. That seems to be one of the more lofty goals some companies have and now it looks like OnePlus has set its sights on the U.S. But Lau's keynote address at the trade summit in China, where he was one of the guest speakers at the Global Device Summit panel discussion, certainly gets the ball rolling. OnePlus cooperation with colleagues from the American company Qualcomm suggests which processor will receive the device. This year's iPhone X successors aren't supposed to pack 5G support, because that's not how Apple does things. Fortunately the phone makers have started revealing some of their plans for 5G handsets, including everyone's favourite Chinese phonemaker OnePlus.