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That's when X Games motorsports stuntman Travis Pastrana will attempt three consecutive record motorcycle jumps honoring the notorious Knievel of 1960s and '70s fame.

In a televised Evel Live special on the History Channel, Mr Pastrana used an Indian Scout FTR750 to jump 143 feet - 23 feet farther than Knievel did in 1973 - and clear 52 crushed cars.

The third and final jump was reenacting Knievel's legendary attempt to jump the Caesar's Palace fountain.

"I think the hardest part was getting the whole costume on", Pastrana joked after landing the jump. "I'm not done yet, but this was one of the coolest things - the coolest thing - I've ever done".

Pastrana jumped the fountain in the opposite direction Knievel did. The trick to this one was clearing the 15-foot-tall fountain.

Travis Pastrana flies over the iconic fountain.

He set up the vehicle and bus jumps in the huge service area behind the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino - and did all his practice jumps on his usual dirtbike because the big Indian street-bike was completely unsuitable as a jumper.

"The other jumps I was able to keep the bike nice and cool", he explained. With a police escort, Pastrana took to the Las Vegas Strip to drive to the location of his last jump of the night, taking the occasion to interact with the fans on his way to the casino.

The image of Knievel in full red, white and blue gear gliding through the air with no guarantee of a graceful landing captivated America and was a forerunner to today's extreme sports scene.

While Knievel might not have necessarily been the most successful stunt artist in terms of, uh, completing all his jumps and stunts, he was among the most daring ever and inspired a generation to think bigger.

Pastrana has made a name for himself for doing some rather insane things but if successful, these three jumps will be among his finest achievements on two wheels to date. I had [the] first Nitro Circus show here. After soaring 192 feet, he put both wheels back down and successfully completed the second of his three jumps.

It was a stunt his famous predecessor never got to attempt but nearly certainly would have applauded.