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Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, a former rights activist and Mexico City mayor, has been elected president of Mexico.

"We are going to defend the migrants from Mexico, from Central America, from the whole American continent and all the migrants of the world that out of necessity have to abandon their villages to go seek a better life in the United States; it is a human right that we are going to defend for Mexicans and for all migrants", he said in a video posted to his campaign website.

"We will search for a relationship with the USA government based on friendship and development, always inculcated with mutual respect and in defense of our compatriots, immigrants who live and work in that country", he said.

She explained that if Lopez Obrador says anything to rattle the markets over the next few months, the peso's value will drop precipitously and his government could fail even before he takes office.

"I reiterate my promise to not betray your confidence which millions of Mexicans have placed in me".

"I just spoke with the President-elect of Mexico", he said, describing the conversation as "great". At a Los Angeles rally previous year, AMLO said that "the wall and the demagoguery of patriotism are no match for the dignity and humanity of the American people".

Another place that's felt the cold wind of President Trump's threatened trade wars is the US's neighbour, Mexico.

"I am concerned that some candidates are making proposals that are impossible, because they're very expensive to carry out", said Juan Carlos Limas, 26, an Anaya supporter.

The oil industry forms an integral part of Mexico's economy and PEMEX comprises roughly 16 percent of the state's revenue. The peso fell more than 1 percent against the US dollar overnight as Lopez Obrador was elected.

According to the New York Times, Mr Lopez Obrador has already drawn comparisons to the US President for his nationalist impulses, populist rhetoric and combative personality. "They shouldn't dare commit a fraud, because if they do they will meet the devil", said Yeidckol Polevnsky, president of Lopez Obrador's Morena party.

The elections have significance for the United States as well.

A cover of his recent book features Mr Lopez Obrador pointing his finger, accompanied by the words "Listen, Trump!".

In addition to calling President Trump "erratic and arrogant", a two-time failed presidential candidate published a book condemning Trump's plan to build a wall on the southern US border.

As Mexico City's mayor from 2000 to 2005, Obrador was wildly popular as a political outsider of diligent, austere lifestyle. The effort, she said, would help reintegrate into society some of the estimated 600,000 Mexicans employed by drug cartels.

In the end, Lopez Obrador's rants against the "mafia of power" rang most authentic.

Nevertheless, the pair began by exchanging a series of messages that demonstrated an apparent will to establish a renewed "respectful" relationship between the countries.

While Lopez Obrador held a commanding lead in polls, he anxious many.

There also are question of whether he will be able to work with Trump on trade and immigration.

Ricardo Anaya, 39, is the candidate and former national leader of the conservative National Action Party (PAN), which governed Mexico for 12 years before Peña Nieto took office in 2012.

Commonly known by his initials, "AMLO", Lopez Obrador has proposed measures like a huge increase in infrastructure spending, but it's not clear how he can do that if he fulfills a promise not to raise taxes.

He wants to slash Mexico's dependency on food and gasoline imports (major US exports to Mexico) by fixing produce prices and reopening Mexican refineries.

"It means that the U.S. can't take Mexico for granted any more", he said.