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Giuliani says he's aware of the subject matter of 13 tapes, but only one affects the President.

Mueller is expected to adhere to U.S. Justice Department guidelines to not indict a current president, but is expected to write a report on his findings that could, if wrongdoing is alleged, be turned over to Congress. Mueller has already accused Trump's former campaign chairman and another top aide of working as foreign agents for Ukrainian interests and funneling millions of dollars from the work into offshore accounts used to fund lavish lifestyles.

GIULIANI on Fox News on Monday: "I have been sitting here looking in the federal code trying to find collusion as a crime..."

Trump's personal lawyer, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, was all over the networks and social media over the weekend and Monday with the message. "That's like your doctor going, 'I don't even know if that's a disease, bleeding from your eyeballs'".

"I believe the Constitution is clear that the president can not be subpoenaed or if he is subpoenaed, he has a right to challenge it", Mr. Giuliani said.

"If these folks don't know that collusion and conspiracy are synonyms for one another and this is a legal strategy then they might want to consider changing horses in this race", Rosenberg added. "The hacking is the crime".

Giuliani said that the only crime present regarding the Russians is hacking, and it'd be "ridiculous" to think that Trump was involved.

President Donald Trump stepped up his onslaught on federal Special Counsel Robert Mueller's probe into Russian Federation and the 2016 USA election on Tuesday, saying that his campaign did not collude with Moscow but that collusion is not a crime anyway.

Giuliani also said that they've hired multiple experts to review and analyze the recordings of conversations between Cohen and Trump.

Giuliani told Sean Hannity that his team had moved away from allowing the president to answer even "a few limited questions on collusion".

Bloomberg Opinion editor Timothy L. O'Brien slammed Giuliani's veiled attack on Mueller, for which he offered no evidence, as "McCarthyite". In fact, prosecutors said last week they don't expect the word "Russia" to be mentioned at all.