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Uber told The St. Louis Post-Dispatch that Gargac's behaviour was "troubling" and that the videos were not in line with its community standards.

He also worked for another on-demand transportation company called Lyft.

Gargac isn't the first Uber driver to create online videos featuring his ride-hailing passengers.

Initially, Gargac told riders about the video setup.

But, Lidsky said she thinks the passengers are entitled to a certain amount of privacy.

On Saturday morning, Gargac tweeted that to him, "transparency is always key".

Uber has permanently banned a driver for his creepy practice of live streaming footage of his passengers without their consent.

Uber, Lyft driver livestreamed video of hundreds of passengers, but was it illegal? But their behavior changed with some even acting out for the camera, he told the Post-Dispatch. If you are present in the conversation, as the driver was, it's legal to record and live stream. "It was fake. It felt produced", he said. "This is, 'How can I monetize passengers as content?'" He said victims could theoretically sue for invasion of privacy, but "would need to show that the back of an Uber is a place where we can and should be expected to be private".

The act of live streaming passengers without consent is technically legal in the state of Missouri, which is why Lyft and Uber didn't suspend Gargac immediately. "You may not have violated the law, but people certainly feel violated".

Jason Gargac had an audience of thousands and said he tried to "capture the natural interactions between myself and the passengers".

The incident is stirring up debate over video cameras inside ride-hailing auto services.

"It's a totally different story to have a ride-share driver record passengers conservations and passenger actions for the goal of boosting their brand, or entertaining followers, or embarrassing individuals who get in the auto". On Twitch, Gargac has amassed 4,350 followers and around 1000 of them pay a minimum of $5 a month to subscribe to his channel and indirectly offer financial support.

Twitch explained that they "do not comment on terms of service violations in regards to a specific individuals" and "do not allow people to share content that invades other's privacy". However, a company spokesman said it plans on clarifying its policies around video cam footage soon.