Jeremy Botter was first to report that Lesnar would challenge the victor of Saturday's heavyweight title fight at UFC 230 in November at Madison Square Garden.

Meanwhile, Bisping says Jones' repeated violations of the UFC's anti-doping policy definitely put into question his legacy as well but that still hurts Cormier's case to be considered the best ever.

Cormier would have remained in the heavyweight division, but he elected to move down to the light heavyweight division because of his teammate, former UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez.

For Miocic, a victory will extend his championship reign to five fights, the longest of any heavyweight champ in the UFC's history. I'm a two-division champion, baby!

"When this is all said and done, I will be remembered as the greatest of all time", Cormier said. The 39-year-old Lafayette, Louisiana, native was flawless outside of few eye pokes, one of which left Miocic in visible distress, resulted in a brief pause and prompted referee Marc Goddard to issue a stern warning. Lesnar delivered a post fight promo and said, "DC, I'm coming for you motherf-er". The first was Conor McGregor, who accomplished the feat in late 2016. He has an impeccable resume, both earlier in his career as a heavyweight and now as the light heavyweight champion, against everyone not named Jon Jones. For only the third time in the UFC's 25-year history, a reigning champion will fight a reigning champion from another weight class at UFC 226.

Cormier weighed 246 lbs., while Miocic weighed-in at only 242.5 lbs., so Miocic won't have a major weight advantage when they're in the clinch and leaning into one another.

"Hey Brock, get out of my Octagon", Cormier said. Moments later, the two heavyweights tied up in the center of the cage. Once again, Holloway is unable to battle and this makes three consecutive matches where Holloway has turned up lame. Francis Ngannou will trade leather with Derrick Lewis. Pettis (21-7) staggered his larger opponent with a right hand before winning for just the third time in eight fights since 2014. I also think just mixing in the takedown and just having that threat of the takedown, can shut down a fighter's offense.