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United States retail giant Walmart has come under fire after angry shoppers spotted a T-shirt range being sold on its third-party website calling for Donald Trump to be impeached.

Old Glory is one of the companies selling the clothing with "Impeach 45" printed across the front of the shirts. Walmart has apparently responded to the outrage by taking down any clothing or paraphernalia related to the impeachment of Trump or Obama.

These items are usually sold through Walmart Marketplace, which hosts third-party sellers.

The apparel advocating for the impeachment of President Trump was slammed by Ryan Fournier, chairman of Students for Trump, who tweeted at the company, "What kind of message are you trying to send?"

And he said the idea of impeaching the 45th U.S. president went a step further than the MAGA gear, which expressed support for Trump and could be offset by equivalent products on behalf of Democrats.

This isn't the first time Walmart has encountered backlash for selling political items.

To be fair, however, Yahoo Lifestyle points out that Walmart has pulled other merchandise on similar grounds. It appears that Walmart has now taken down the listing for the shirt, caving in to the pressure.

The hashtag #BoycottWalmart became a trend on Twitter as users railed against the company.

The company issued a similar statement when it came under fire a year ago for selling a shirt with the words "Rope".

CafePress has had "Impeach Trump" shirts, caps and throw pillows available on Walmart.com in the past as well, and still offers anti-Trump items along with pro-Trump items.

Walmart has not commented on the merchandise. "Tree. Journalist. Some assembly required", noted The Wrap.