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From 2012-2017, there were 25 reported cases of West Nile virus in the state and seven reported deaths.

On Thursday, the Contra Costa Mosquito & Vector Control District reported that mosquitoes from two locations in Contra Costa County have tested positive for West Nile virus. To protect the patient's identity, the department is not releasing additional details. "We must use this unfortunate event as a reminder that West Nile virus is still here", said Duane Holder, Interim Health Director.

The CDC says that most people infected with West Nile virus do not develop any symptoms.

"We see most cases of West Nile virus from July through November, but you can still enjoy the outdoors by reducing mosquito populations around your home and through proper use of repellents", said State Public Health Veterinarian Carl Williams. If people who become infected do suffer symptoms, they are typically mild, including headache, fever, nausea, fatigue, skin rash or swollen glands.

According to the District, the confirmation of infected mosquitoes comes less than one week after the District confirmed chickens tested positive for antibodies against West Nile virus near Knightsen. Other mosquito-borne viruses transmitted in the state that cause human illness include LaCrosse and Eastern equine encephalitis viruses. The agency issued a warning to residents of the North Shore that the level of West Nile virus activity is moderate and increasing.

Mosquitoes are usually just irritating, but certain mosquitoes carry West Nile Virus, which can be deadly. The FDA recommends insect repellents with DEET or picaridin as an active ingredient, wearing long sleeves and long trousers in areas where mosquitoes are active and staying indoors, keeping window screens closed.

Drain standing water. Mosquitoes require water to complete their life cycle.

"People who work outside, especially at dusk and dawn, and those who are camping over the next few weeks are at higher risk of being bitten by mosquitoes and should pay particular attention to preventing these bites".