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"He screwed up again, but this time he's screwing us all, big-time", Manigault-Newman quotes the president saying of his son, Donald Trump Jr.

US President Donald Trump on Tuesday lashed out at former White House aide Omarosa Manigault Newman, calling her a "dog" as his fellow former reality TV star continued to publicly release recordings from her time in Trump's orbit.

Manigault-Newman has backed up some of her claims in the books with audio tapes.

'We should not mistake anything that has happened here as to be Omarosa in any way purporting be a benefit to the African-American community, ' said Aisha Moodie-Mills, a Democratic strategist. "She also claims to have heard a recording of Trump using the N-word several times", he added, reading some of Trump's tweeted denials, including the one where he celebrated firing "that dog" Omarosa. "It's not a "blow off" sort of thing, is it?"

Pierson later says: "No, he said it".

Now she is aligning herself with Trump's victims, said Leah Wright Rigueur, a historian at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government. Manigault Newman declared she "will not be silenced" by President Donald Trump, remaining defiant as her public feud with her former boss shifted from a war of words to a possible legal battle.

It's safe to say that Manigault Newman's employment status was not, in fact, a matter of national security.

Sanders' statement was false. The only way to shut him down, she said, is to "don't give him the oxygen" that comes from news stories, clicks, and likes.

Cody Fenwick is a reporter and editor.

"Donald Trump now is at the point where he's so fragile and can not ever, ever be in any interaction, any exchange in any room that's just not pure lionization, canonization", Deutsch concluded.

In April 2004 Manigault Newman was set to sit down with Kimmel on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!".

That is the name of the initiative recently launched by first lady Melania Trump that calls for children to speak online with "respect".

"There is no excuse for it, and Republicans should not be OK with it", Flake, a frequent Trump critic, said in a tweet. "I can't stand @OMAROSA a bully, back stabber & big mouth".

Many condemned the president and his repeated attempts to compare minorities with animals, but there was little defense of Manigault Newman - unlike when Trump attacked National Basketball Association superstar LeBron James in recent weeks.

The White House Council of Economic Advisers is facing backlash from economists after it acknowledged providing incorrect economic figures to press secretary Sarah Sanders regarding African American unemployment. "And I do not see them throwing the full force of their support behind the president if something like that is revealed".

On Twitter, Trump has compared other people to dogs in the past but rarely called them dogs. And he said Sen.