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There is hope that President Trump will reverse course. "He's trying to fix it".

The bottom line? The president's recent anti-E.U. rhetoric and targeting of Europe with his trade actions seems to be having a mixed impact, suggesting politics may have foreshadowed the agreement with Juncker.

President Donald Trump's re-election campaign on Saturday said a Reuters report that "Keep America Great!" banners are being made in China are not true. -China Trade War are forecasting an escalation in economic tensions in the short term.

In that Iowa speech, Trump tried to reassure farmers: "We have all the cards".

Trump has come under political pressure from USA farmers over his trade actions that have seen American agricultural produce hit hard with retaliatory tariffs, especially by China, the largest single consumer of American soybean exports.

Getty US President Donald Trump and European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker leave after making a statement in the Rose Garden of the White House in Washington, DC, on July 25, 2018. "We look forward to learning more as additional information is made available", Putze said.

GOP House Speaker Paul Ryan said: "I just don't think the tariff route is the smart way to go". And Trump has since threatened to levy hefty tariffs on European Union automobile imports. Kudlow insisted that such numbers would be sustainable.

"As of yet, there's not much evidence that the trade dispute between the two superpowers has had a big effect on Africa. And we don't want everyone out there, the consumers to think that we're looking for a handout because that couldn't be further from the truth", said Juedes.

Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin also praised Trump and his policies for Friday's good news during an interview on "Fox News Sunday", saying he expected to see sustained economic growth over the next several years. "President Juncker made it very clear yesterday that he meant to help us, President Trump, on the China problem". The president's economic plan has always consisted of tax reform, trade relief and regulatory relief.

The result of the tariff war between the USA and several countries around the world is having a real-world economic impact on farmers. It imported $130 billion worth of U.S. products previous year, so it can place tariffs on those products.

"Whether it's one deal or two deals, so long as we get the right agreement, we're indifferent", Mnuchin told CNBC.

Judge Du listed several reasons that the trade war could lead to Chinese companies shutting down, such as: due to high tariffs, the cost of raw materials or parts needed for the first steps of the supply chain will dramatically increase; key raw materials or parts have been banned from selling to Chinese firms-likely referring to the USA ban on telecoms firm ZTE from buying tech parts from US suppliers-which the US administration recently lifted; and costs will rise sharply due to high anti-dumping and countervailing duties from other countries. "A lot of companies have been using the excuse, 'Oh, the reason my earnings weren't good is that there were the tariffs.' In many cases, that's not the main reason". The US deficit with China is lower at around $375 billion as of 2017 for a remainder, but let's see how China can fight back. We are going to negotiate piece by piece with the EU. China has retaliated accordingly to U.S. tariffs by placing its own tariffs on USA products, particularly soybeans. It took Trump some time to get it going, but he waged a trade war earlier this year.

Amid meetings between the French President Emmanuel Macron and farming unions, Mr Le Maire said that agriculture ought to remain outside of any US-EU trade negotiation. "Am I willing to take my lumps for the benefit of the entire country?"

Can these figures be cited to prove that the USA is shortchanged in its trade deals with China and China is playing a zero-sum game here with the US?