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The Duchess of Cambridge and the Duchess of Sussex attend the 2018 Wimbledon Ladies' Singles final.

Meghan Markle has only been married to Prince Harry for a little over two months, but a new report claims she is already struggling with life as a royal. And as William was set to return to work soon after the nuptials, it wasn't possible for the newlyweds to jet off on their honeymoon.

As reported by The Daily Mail, Thomas spoke candidly about his relationship with the newly crowned member of the British Royal Family, expressing concern that there may have been irreparable damage done. "She's been very sympathetic to what's been going on with Meghan and her dad".

Even though William and Kate technically broke royal tradition by spending their wedding night in Buckingham Palace, the decision doesn't seem to have had any negative ramifications.

Queen Elizabeth I was known for participating in many public engagements and for her general cheerfulness.

Duchess Meghan is at her wits' end over her father Thomas Markle after he slammed her in a new interview.

Among his many bombshell quotes, he said that it would be easier for Meghan if he died, due to the fact "everybody would be filled with sympathy for her".

Meghan Markle's first birthday as a royal is on the horizon.

The 74-year-old told the Daily Mail in a "nine-hour interview over three days" that he can no longer contact Meghan and hasn't spoken to her for more than 10 weeks.

When asked of his son-in-law Harry, Markle says, "I don't care if Harry never speaks to me again, I'll survive".

Last year, Meghan celebrated her birthday with Prince Harry on an African safari. What riles me is Meghan's sense of superiority.

"Oh, she shows a little shoulder here, a touch of ankle there, but she's not the Meghan I knew for years". She'd be nothing without me. Host Georgie Gardner was seen reading out a thank you letter from the Palace after sending the royal couple a wedding present (a picnic blanket with Australian landscapes, in case you were wondering) when she noticed the cypher.

The source told how Kate invites Meghan to her apartment at Kensington Palace for tea, with the two women speaking on the phone once a week. And did I get any recognition for it?