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Once a favourite of Donald Trump who appeared on several seasons of "The Apprentice", Omarosa Manigault-Newman has completed her transition from reality show villain to White House staffer to fired, vengeful ex-employee with dirt to dish about America's 45th president.

Manigault Newman said Trump was a "racist, misogynist and bigot", which she said she realized only toward the end of her tenure.

To no one's surprise, President Trump has blasted Omarosa Manigault, the ridiculous woman to whom he gave an important White House job.

She also maintained that she has heard a three-minute audio recording on which Trump uses the n-word multiple times as host of "The Apprentice".

Mr Trump's campaign said that in the 2016 race she "signed the exact same NDA that everyone else on the campaign signed, which is still enforceable". "I told him to try working it out, if possible, because she only said GREAT things about me - until she got fired", the President tweeted.

Omarosa Manigault Newman, when she was still a White House staffer. She was vicious, but not smart.

President Donald Trump is lashing out at former White House adviser Omarosa Manigault Newman, calling her "Wacky Omarosa" and saying she has been "fired for the last time". "I just saw on the news that you're thinking of leaving?"

The tape, which was played exclusively on Today, appears to show Trump having no idea that his former advisor had been dismissed by his Chief of Staff John Kelly.

After Manigault Newman told Trump she had been fired, he responded: "No, nobody even told me about it".

A token white supremacist gathering masquerading as a nationalist "Unite the Right" rally in front of the White House was washed out by rain and counter-protests on Sunday even as the Trump administration struggled to overcome the stigma of racism, bigotry, and chaotic infighting stemming from the words and clashes between its principals. I would rarely see her but heard.... "I'm not going to get into the tick-tock of who knew what and when". "Damn it, I don't love you leaving at all".

Ms Manigault Newman went on to say in an NBC interview that the taped call shows Mr Trump "doesn't even know what's happening in his White House".

She played a tiny snippet of audio reportedly capturing John Kelly's voice from inside the White House Situation Room during the meeting when she was sacked.

The Washington Post had previously reported on Manigault Newman's account of the conversation with Trump the day after her firing.

Trump officials and a number of outside critics denounced the recordings as a serious breach of ethics and security - and White House aides anxious about what else Manigault Newman may have captured in the West Wing.

On Sunday (Monday NZT), Manigault Newman told NBC's Meet the Press that she surreptitiously recorded a number of conversations in the White House for her own protection.

"He absolutely has an issue with the truth, and sometimes he battles with reality", she said of Trump.

Manigault Newman is reported to have more tapes, including at least one of the president speaking, though it's unclear if or when she'll release the remainder.

"It's come to my attention over the last few months that there's been some pretty, in my opinion, significant integrity issues related to you", Kelly is heard saying, before adding that if she makes it a "friendly departure" then she can "go on without any type of difficulty in the future relative to your reputation". It's also not presidential to give her a high-level job.

"She's certainly violating national security regulations, which I think have the force of law", Giiuliani said.

And she took issue with the way in which the meeting to discuss her departure from the White House was handled, telling NBC's Savannah Guthrie, "It's not acceptable for four men to take a woman into a room, lock the door, and tell her that she can not leave".

In her book, which is published this week, Manigault Newman paints a picture of Trump as a president who is kept out of the loop on administration decisions.

The White House, however, is making it clear that the charges being made by the former aide should be taken with a grain of salt. Attached to the offer was an agreement that she not make disparaging comments about the president. That includes audio of her being fired by chief of staff John Kelly in December (she says she wasn't fired but forced to resign). You know, they run a big operation, but I didn't know it.