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The MacCoin has no cash value and is only redeemable for one free Big Mac during 2018, similar to a coupon.

McDonald " s CEO Steve Easterbrook celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Big Mac with the MacCoin and the family members of the late inventor, Jim Delligatti, on July 26 in Chicago.

Delligatti died in 2016 at 98 and his legacy continues to this day.

McDonald's teased MacCoin in a video released Monday, before Thursday's launch.

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the BicMac, the fast-food chain is offering a limited edition cryptocurrency to burger fans. In 1986, when The Economist published a guide to whether currencies were at their "correct" level and it has been appearing annually ever since. "Why not have some fun with it?" Create our own currency'.

The coin will expire on the last day of 2018, but if you're a true Big Mac lover, we imagine you'll use the MacCoin as soon as possible, right? "As one of the most well-known and loved food items, the Big Mac deserves the global-recognition and celebration that the coin evokes".

There will be a whole lot of them - more than 6.2 million - and the MacCoins will feature artwork that throws back across the decades of the Big Mac's history at McDonald's.

The Big Mac has become such a global icon that The Economist even used the price of the Big Mac to create the Big Mac Index, an economic tool that compares the purchasing power of different worldwide currencies year after year.

In 1967, Michael James "Jim" Delligatti lobbied the company to let him test the burger at his Pittsburgh-area restaurants.

"We think the Big Mac needs to be sacrosanct", Easterbrook said.

According to the chain, an incredible 1.3 billion Big Macs were sold past year.

Kiwis who are keen to get their hands on the newest global currency can keep an eye out for Macca's security guards and armoured vehicles as they travel the country distributing the MacCoins.