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KARE 11 reports that almost 100 goats showed up in a quiet neighborhood in West Boise, parading down a residential street and making a feast of residents' yards. It was as if an incredibly tame sequel to Birds were unfolding, where the only victims were innocent lawns and shrubbery.

The 118 escaped goats are owned by We Rent Goats, according to The Idaho Statesman. Apparently, the goats had been grazing nearby when they escaped and descended upon the neighborhood.

KTV reported that Animal Control arrived with a single truck, only to realize it was ineffective in containing the epidemic of mammals. This was a full-on goat assault. Residents applauded as the kids were herded into trailers. THE MONSTERS! Someone is going to pay for this...

KTVB noted that the animals were "snacking on lawns and flower bushes, and stripping the leaves from trees", as goats are wont to do.

All of the goats were eventually corralled into the trucks and taken away.

It's not clear where the goats came from or how they got loose. "It's rare that this many would get out, but they would definitely follow each other".

According to Idaho Statesman, the call about the rogue goats came into dispatch around 7am this morning.

As the goats were rounded up by their handlers, a throng of onlookers and reporters - rivaling the goat herd in size - gathered to watch.