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The report alleges Meyer knew of the assault allegations against former wide receivers coach Zach Smith.

The assistant, meanwhile, was telling two media outlets that he never hit his ex-wife. He said that he was on a recruiting trip in October 2015 when he was called back to campus by athletic director Gene Smith. Don't you lie to me.

How convenient that nearly simultaneously to Meyer's statement being released on Friday, Zach Smith did an interview with ESPN in which he used words like "honest" and "heartfelt" to describe Meyer's statement.

Courtney Smith was anxious about how all this would affect their two children, who were very young and highly impressionable.

Courtney Smith told McMurphy: "He took me and shoved me up against the wall, with his hands around my neck. I don't know who creates a story like that".

"There was aggression in the relationship but anything I ever did to her was a defensive action", Zach Smith said.

Smith says "I'm not out here in the public trying to put my personal life out there to people at work or anything".

I understand there are more questions to be answered and I look forward to doing just that with the independent investigators retained by the University and I will cooperate fully with them.

Jay Paterno, who was an assistant coach to his father and is now an elected Penn State trustee, said in a blog post that "we should wait for facts" before calling for the Buckeyes coach to be fired. As the son of an awesome woman and the husband to another and, as the father of two incredible young women, those who know me best know the admiration and respect I have for all women.

Tom Herman is in his second year as head coach at the University of Texas and says the day before practice begins is like a holiday.

At the same time that Meyer was issuing his statement, Zach Smith was being interviewed by ESPN. He's always said that one of his "core values" is that he has "zero tolerance" for violence against women. He's going to let the higher ups do what they have to do. An NCAA investigation found Tressel knew several players, including his star quarterback, had swapped memorabilia for tattoos and other benefits, but failed to report it.

Smith maintained his innocence, saying he has never been charged by police in OH and that nothing he did warrants it.

He also told Murphy that Coach Urban Meyer had known about a 2009 "incident" with his wife, but that Meyer had not gotten involved, instead choosing to "let due process run its course". Coming from someone who knows. I was in all the meetings. I knew exactly what he did. "It would be a crime". He's alleging he did everything right in a bad situation, correctly handling allegations against a coach who maintains publicly that he did nothing wrong, a coach he turned around and fired three years later when similar allegations arose. "It was just accurate".

Zach Smith, age 33, was born into a family who had a long history of being involved in sports. As of now, Zach Smith has not been formally charged. However, she has yet to formally make an announcement like her husband's.

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